Missing media error message

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Upon clicking the CHECK MEDIA link, I am told I have 0 missing files but 38,200 media files that are “unused”. I am not quite sure what the difference is between this distinction. However, during my reviews, many of the review cards definitively show the media I originally appended. If I delete the 38,200 unused files, will it delete all 38,200 from my deck? Any clarification would be appreciated.

I shared some images of the process below:

These files are currently not embedded in flashcards. You probably deleted a lot of cards at some point and these files are the leftovers. It is not impossible however that a large number of cards were edited incorrectly and the files are therefore not included. I would look at a selection of the files before deleting them.

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Please note that after deleting, you can recover files from the trash if need be, provided you haven’t emptied it.

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