How to delete missing media from my database?

Hello, is there any way to delete missing media from my database? I just don’t care why they are missing because they are old notes that i made years ago (but I still don’t want to delete them).
When i click check media i can delete unused ones, but i can’t delete missing media from my notes (e.g. tree.jpg that doesn’t exists from my cards about trees)
Is there any way? If you’re wondering why I need this, it is because bulk convert to webp crash when it encounter a missing media in a card.

Are you using this add-on Paste Images As WebP - AnkiWeb ?
It may be worth reporting the issue to the add-on author.

There is no automatic way to delete missing media references from your notes. Of course, someone could write an add-on for that.

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I already reported it to the addon author, thank you :slight_smile: Would it be worth it to add this feature to anki natively in your opinion?

I think it’s not a feature one needs that frequently to justify adding it to Anki. Most often you will need to find missing media files, not delete their references.

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