Tag notes that have missing media when running "check media"


I would like to tag notes that have missing media. When running check media and showing the report of the referenced files that are not found in the media folder, a button to tag the notes with a reserved tag (like ‘marked’) would be nice. Then I could go through these and decide if I readd media or I delete the reference; being card by card basis or in bulk find&replace for certain note types.

At a perosnal level, now I have thousands of missing media that I accumulated across the years, and I only solve it per card basis when it is shown during review.


This has come up a number of times, and we do something similar in the ‘find duplicates’ screen, so there is precedent. Interested in adding this as an extra button in the check media screen @Rumo?


You can use this add-on for the time being: Add a tag to notes with missing media - AnkiWeb

Thank you. I was not familiar with the add-on.

I just tried out and it seems it gets lots of false positives. It is tagging notes that doesn’t have missing media at all. I have 29K missing files and the add-on tagged more than 100K notes… I rarely reuse media so that is not the case.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you share a sample deck? (I’m the current maintainer of the add-on).

I will do. I will ty with a small selection of cards for privacy.

I think that won’t be neccesary. I jut relaized the count I saw is for cards, not notes, therefore the count being much higher. I just tried the tag duplicates feature out from 2.1.60 and I got the same count as when using the add-on in 2.1.49.

Thank you for implementing this ! :+1: