Check media Problem

Yesterday when I checked the media, the following situation occurred! How can I solve this?
Missing files: 0
Unused files: 0

Anki can not detect used files when you use {{Field}} references in media/LaTeX tags. The media/LaTeX tags should be placed on individual notes instead.

Referencing templates:

Vids: Production (Back Template)

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Are you using media/LaTex tags on that template?

I don’t know, How can I find out?

If you can’t remember what’s there, you should be able to tell by looking at your template. Card Templates - Anki Manual

Here’s my template.
I don’t know if there are any media/LaTex tags on that template.

The error was –

Anki can not detect used files when you use {{Field}} references in media/LaTeX tags.

And this looks like a {{Field}} reference in a media tag –

So I suspect that’s the issue.

How can I fix this problem?

Let’s be clear – this doesn’t really seem to be a problem. Some folks like to keep a tidy house, but if the only negative thing happening is that Check Media has pointed this out, you don’t have to do anything about it.

If you want to fix it, it’s explained briefly in the manual, Field Replacements - Anki Manual.

One of the examples of what you can’t do is <img src="{{Expression}}.jpg">. Let’s say your “Expression” field says apple – then the goal here appears to be displaying the picture with <img src="apple.jpg">.

You’d fix that by moving the media tag to that field on your note. So your field would now have the whole media tag – <img src="apple.jpg"> – and your template would just have a field reference – {{Expression}}.

[Why does your template have a link to a defunct ankiweb site for beta-testing builds in the middle of a video tag? :person_shrugging:t4:]

Actually I don’t remember. Without that link it might be a problem with a vid. Thanks I’ll try your solution.

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