Anki check media problem

when i check media,anki told me :
how can i solve this,or i don’t need to care this problem, cause it seems no way to workout this lost document.

It just warns you about a missing file used in your cards. You don’t need to particularily care about it.
I have this kind of warnings for some links used in img tags but the images display correctly.

got it,thank you.

Anki should ignore normal remote links. It is not happening here because the link contains two quote characters, which is not valid.

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thank you.
so,what can i do to delete this waring? yesterday,i upload some deck from other people,and i don’t know how to check these deck to solve this problem. Actually, it seems no effect for me ,but i want to know more about anki,can you help me?

You could let the deck author know, or search for the filename in the browse screen to locate the problem cards, and edit them using the HTML editor (cmd+shift+x)

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Awesome,thank you,it works well.