Export media without having to use a field

Is it possible to have Anki export media files with HTML or some other way, without having to create a field for that media?

You can put any kind of media into any kind of field. A good reason to have an extra field for media is that it makes it easier to search for, and easier to organize (more versatility when it comes to your card templates).


Yes I know that. But let say I want the same media file on all notes with same note types, If I have 50 cards I have to insert the media of each of the notes.

  1. Put whatever file you want to put into your profile’s into the directory
  2. Put a _ in front of the filename so that it doesnt get deleted by anki. More details
  3. Reference it using html, in this case its an image so I use:
    <img src="_filename.png"></img> (root is the directory mentioned above)

It should look something like this:


Worth mentioning…

You can use the Tools>Check Media menu option to scan your notes and media folder. It will generate a report of files in the media folder that are not used by any notes, and media referenced in notes but missing from your media folder. It does not scan question or answer templates, which is why you can’t place media references to fields in the template. If you need a static image or sound on every card, name it with a leading _ (e.g., \_dog.jpg ) to tell Anki to ignore it when checking for media. If you delete media using the unused media check, Anki will move it into your operating system’s trash folder, so you can recover if you accidentally delete media that shouldn’t have been deleted.
Media - Anki Manual


Ah thanks, i must’ve missed that part. I edited my answer accordingly.

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Thanks everybody!! I think I found my problem, a syntax error.

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Lmao, good job :laughing: