Video files are incorrectly listed as unused files

On some cards I have included short videos, like this <video src="video.webm"></video>.

When I check for unused media in anki these videos show up even though the videos are included in a card and are displayed correctly.

Can someone tell my why? Am I doing something wrong including videos this way?

You should not add these in card templates, as they won’t, among other things, be counted as used media. Instead, you should add them directly in the fields.

They are in a field, the snippet above is what I added to a field in the HTML editor. Sorry if I’ve been a bit unspecific.

Weird… you can always prepend these files with an underscore to prevent them from being considered unused (ie call them _video.webm), although this is more of a workaround than a real solution, since if you ever actually ditch that <video srv="video.webm"></video>, checking media won’t detect you don’t use video.webm anymore.

Anki does not officially support HTML video tags, and the media check does not currently recognize them. If you use [sound:video.webm], it should work.