[Feature Request] Deadline Feature

So many people are using Anki to learn for their exams. Often you know when the exam’s gonna be, so you have to learn as much as you can till that day. So my idea is, that there is a whole new category, Exams, to add to Anki. A user could, like with tags, add a card to an Exam with a date specified, and Anki is gonna try and show the cards more often to a user shortly before the exam, and if the exam is further out, like in 3 Months, Anki could concentrate more on the cards that are gonna be needer faster, the cards that are “not needed” so soon could be shown less often. I know, that Feature will probably take a lot of work to implement, but i my opinion that would be a great addition to Anki.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Check this add-on 'Countdown To Events / Exams