[Major Feature Request] A new card type

@dae There seems to be a small, but vocal minority of people who want to use Anki more to “read” rather than to “recall”. They don’t grade themselves accurately, and they do not care about retention, as for them, there is no “fail” or “pass”, only “I’ve seen this recently” and “I’ve seen this a while ago”.
So here’s my idea: add a new card type with its own two buttons, Sooner and Later. It will not use SM-2 or FSRS. Each card will be shown every day. The buttons will not change intervals (which are always 1 day), but the position of the card in the priority queue aka sort order. You can think of it like reading a book and thinking “I’ll re-read this chapter after the next chapter” (Sooner) or “I’ll re-read this chapter once I read a lot of other chapters” (Later).
Say you have 10 due cards. You reviewed the first one. If you click “Sooner”, it’s new position will be, say, 2. This means that tomorrow that card will not be the first one to be shown, but the second one. If you click “Later”, the new position will be, say, 5. This means that tomorrow the card will be shown after 4 other cards.
Here’s a diagram to illustrate it

Now people who don’t care about retention or interval spacing can use Anki the way they want. And adding this card type would also create the fundamental building block for future incremental reading implementation :wink:

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In order not to confuse users more, it is better to do this as a special preset setting rather than the type of card.

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I think this could be done by ensuring that the cards with a certain preset setting always remained new, only their position would change.

I don’t think Anki is well-served by trying to be all things to all people. Since this non-SRS behavior can already be accomplished with basic Anki functionality, I can’t see why the program should change to make it even easier.

I also don’t think this is a “card type” in any sense that Anki uses the term. This is more like a “non”-scheduling algorithm.


I think it’s confusing. I use my cards for reading stuff but that doesn’t mean I want to see them every other day. For me getting to see a card at least once every two years is fine. So I put a cap on the interval. After that I just use normal FSRS. I don’t see the need for this at all. This can only work if you have a large amount of reading cards, otherwise reading becomes a chore. I gather my cards from things that I read so initially number of cards will be very low. FSRS is working fine for me. And I also remember a lot of the things I read in Anki (like the epitaph of Epictetus, “Here lies Epictetus, a slave, maimed in body, the ultimate in poverty and favoured by the gods.” or the Buddhist koan, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”)

I have also heard about IR a lot but I don’t know what exactly it does or how useful it is for my purposes. I’ll do some research maybe.

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What Expertium described is one of the features of the Incremental Reading add-ons. They also help highlighting and extracting parts of a card into a new card.


I don’t understand. Can you elaborate? What helps in extraction exactly?

The add-ons https://ankiweb.net/shared/addons?search=incremental%20reading
like Incremental Reading v4.11.9 (unofficial clone)