Feature request: Apple watch version?

I know many people might not find it useful, but I would and would honestly pay for it. No need to add new cards or edit cards, but maybe just practice my decks from the watch, possibly with a complication for cards due today? Just a suggestion. Thank you so much for everything anki otherwise :blush:

I’m afraid this is unlikely to happen in the near future, for a number of reasons:

  • The watch has a small battery, and Apple intend it to be used for brief interactions, not longer sessions.
  • The screen is small, and you’ll likely give yourself sore eyes, sore arms or a sore neck if using it for more than short periods.
  • Some of the technologies Anki relies on are not supported on the Apple Watch. A Watch implementation would require a significant amount of engineering work, and at the moment there are other areas that would benefit a larger number of users.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:

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It’s okay. Those are all super valid reasons. I appreciate all the work you do tremendously. Hopefully apple optimizes their product for something like this in the future somehow. Thanks Dae :blush:

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I really wish there was an anki apple watch app. I don’t care if it drains the battery really fast. I don’t currently own an apple watch but would buy one if there was an anki apple watch app so I could review cards every so often while working.