Feature request: Apple watch version?

I know many people might not find it useful, but I would and would honestly pay for it. No need to add new cards or edit cards, but maybe just practice my decks from the watch, possibly with a complication for cards due today? Just a suggestion. Thank you so much for everything anki otherwise :blush:

I’m afraid this is unlikely to happen in the near future, for a number of reasons:

  • The watch has a small battery, and Apple intend it to be used for brief interactions, not longer sessions.
  • The screen is small, and you’ll likely give yourself sore eyes, sore arms or a sore neck if using it for more than short periods.
  • Some of the technologies Anki relies on are not supported on the Apple Watch. A Watch implementation would require a significant amount of engineering work, and at the moment there are other areas that would benefit a larger number of users.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:


It’s okay. Those are all super valid reasons. I appreciate all the work you do tremendously. Hopefully apple optimizes their product for something like this in the future somehow. Thanks Dae :blush:


I really wish there was an anki apple watch app. I don’t care if it drains the battery really fast. I don’t currently own an apple watch but would buy one if there was an anki apple watch app so I could review cards every so often while working.

This is probably one of the best requests I have seen on this forum.

Apple Watch is no longer for just quick interactions. It’s converging more and more with the iPhone. Battery life is now outstanding on all models (and +36 on the Ultra), supporting streaming, messaging, and calls. I cannot think of a better device to review Anki cards on the go (but better constructed on a larger screen). Quick google search result shows at least 4 other apps responding to a market for this.

+1 for a simplified version to review cards only.