Feature: Add option to study all decks together

Hi everyone

Yesterday I read an Anki tutorial https://leananki.com on the web and he said that is better to save all cards in only a deck. You remember better when the questions are from different topics.

I think that is better to add the option to study from all decks together when you want. This way you can also study from only a deck if you want.


You already have two ways to study your whole collection:

  1. Create a parent deck and make all your other decks children of it.
    Advantages: Works just like any other deck, inactive decks can be simply removed per drag and drop.
    Possible disadvantage: New cards will be fetched from the child decks successively (not randomly from the whole collection).

  2. Create a filtered deck for the whole collection (requires the new scheduler).
    Advantages: More options, complete randomisation is possible.
    Disadvantage: More complicated to set up and use.


Very thanks,

I didn’t know that I can create filtered decks. I think this is the solution to my question.

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The nice thing with filtered decks for random selection is that as you add more decks/cards, those are taken into account.