Exporting collection without history

Just wondering how some are dealing with this. I want to share my decks with people who are not technically inclined. I want to have filtered decks available. As I see the workflow now, I need plugin 2089200096 that does not actually remove all history from the collection. But assuming it did, I first need to:

  1. export my collection to a temporary profile
  2. open temporary profile
  3. browse entire collection;
  4. select all cards and right click to remove history (using plugin 2089200096)
  5. export collection to another file to be shared

Its too bad there is not a checkbox to ‘remove all personal history’ before exporting the collection. Otherwise even exporting to a temporary profile (so as to not remove my own history) does not give the best results.

Anyone have a better way?

you can export the collection as a deck i.e. apkg file. Then you have an option to not include your scheduling information. If you have several decks at the most parent level of hierarchy you may need no nest them inside one parent deck. You can use drag and drop in case you need to do that. In the end is a lot easier an quickier.



Ah nope. Thats not an option as it does not incude the filtered decks. The objective is to provide these decks without having to ask the end user to start creating filters. Exporting the collection satisfies this requirement, but as I pointed out its very cumbersome and doesn’t remove all history.

  1. You can export your collection (with all history)
  2. Create a new Anki profile
  3. Import the collection on the new profile
  4. Open the browser window, select all cards, go to the menu Cards -> Reschedule
  5. After rescheduling all cards as new, re-export the collection with a clean history

The problem about this approach is that anyone which imports your decks will have their collection replaced by yours.

It would be better for you to ask for a feature on Anki allowing it to export Filtered Decks.

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Actually I have done that. And my current workflow as described above is basically what you have described except that I was using the plugin to remove scheduling. However even when you reschedule the cards in the new profile it doesn’t remove the history. Just try it and then click on stats for the collection, even in the new deck you will see your years of study stats there!!! I would rather export a totally clean slate. but it just doesn’t seem possible. If I were I python guru I would make a plugin for it. And your right some have asked for this feature its even high on the list of reddit requests, but no response. :wink: