Exporting anki decks

I exported an anki deck with images I screenshotted and “copy and pasted” into my Flashcards. Unfortunately, after I exported and sent the decks to my colleagues the pictures do not show up on their end. I made sure that when I exported the deck that I clicked the “include images” check mark. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix this issue?

Hard to tell what’s the issue without having access to the deck, but maybe ruling out common sources of issues such as syncing and add-ons will help:

I suspect you’ve hit a bug in an older Anki version. If you update to the latest version and export again, the colleagues should be able to import correctly if they first delete the deck and use ‘check media’ to delete the unused media before importing again.

The issue started occurring after the update was complete. Since the update all the exported decks do not show the pictures and instead a little box is shown where the picture should be. Before the update we did not have this issue. I have screenshotted the photos the same way I always have. Not sure what the issue is. Does it have to do with the new update?

According to your sync records, you are using an old computer version of Anki.

I’m actually speaking for a friend. It’s not from my account. My account works fine but after she updated hers it stopped working.

Did you, or your friend export the deck? If you were the one that exported it, please follow the instructions I posted above. If you neither exported or imported the deck, we’re more likely to get to the bottom of it in a timely manner if the exporter and importer post here.

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