Export all, Study all, minus a tag -- possible?

I have a large deck (12K+ cards), in development and study for three years.

When I dump new content into the deck, I tag it “NeedsWork” – these cards are NOT ready for study. They need to be built out. (They are often added on my phone, where I lack all the needed pieces, such as audio and photos.)

Two questions:
a) How do I study all the cards in the deck EXCEPT the ones so tagged?

b) How do I export all cards from the deck (without scheduling info), EXCEPT cards so tagged? (to share my deck with others, but to avoid giving them junk, half baked cards)

I use the same process as you when adding contents. What I do is select all cards with that tag and then suspend them so they won’t get scheduled for study. When I feel that notes are ready to use, I toggle the suspend off and remove the tag from the relevant notes.

To export everything else, you could search for -tag:NeedsWork (with a minus sign at the beginning) which will show all cards that do not contain the NeedsWork tag. Select all the cards, right click then choose Notes → Export Notes… from the pop-up menu.

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