Deleting Exclude Tags from Custom Study

I have received a pre-made deck that has a small sub-set of tagged cards in it.

When go into custom study I can select cards from the two tags already present but greyed out. Unfortunately, these same tags are in the exclude box and I can’t figure out how to remove them so cards with cards with those tags are not exclude.

When I build the custom study deck it brings in all sorts of cards, not just the ones I want to select for customer study. The deck is 100 cards so I haven’t had chance to see if it is also bringing in the tagged cards.

How do I remove the tags from the exclude tags box?

If you click on a tag in that list, it will select/deselect it. If the tags in the exclude box are not selected, they won’t be excluded.

Select/Unselect did the trick. I thought I had to delete the values. Thanks so much for your help!

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