Excessive good and easy review times

I changed the note type of the notes in a deck, and now the good and easy review times are excessive. I am using the v3.0 scheduler with all the advanced settings as the defaults. I have a card with an Interval of 1.3 months. My answer buttons are showing:
Hard: 1.6 months (seems correct)
Good: 1.9 years (isn’t this supposed to be about 2.5 times the interval?)
Easy: 4.6 years

This is new, the intervals were “normal” before I changed the note type. I have no idea why a note type would affect the review intervals though. This is on Anki Desktop and AnkiMobile. Thanks!

Maybe the card is overdue? Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the current ease times the interval when you review on time.

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