"Hard: 2d Good: 12.5mo" after changing to the new scheduler

Hi. I was unable to use Anki for several months, and now I have around 1500 cards due.

I created a filtered deck with “is:due prop:due<=-7” for the backlog, but the cards I failed and got to relearning were never showing, so I decide to switch to the new scheduler.

After rebulding said filtered deck, the relearning is working properly, but now most cards get an abnormally low interval when choosing hard relative to the good and easy ones (i.e. Hard: 3d, Good: 12.5mo, Easy:2.5y).

It almost looks as if Hard doesn’t take into account the ~6 months the card is late, but Good and Easy do. I didn’t find this mentioned in the docs or google, is it intended behavior?


P.D.: Happens in both Desktop and Ankidroid.

Thats the reason. Sched v2 hard does not have overdue bonus.


I see, my bad then. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any mention of this.

Moltes gràcies!

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