Hard card showing in 100 years

I have been using Anki for a while. However, I am not that good with all the settings and add ons. I have recently encountered a problem where the scheduler for my cards have completely changed. The time intervals for again, hard, good and easy has changed to <10m, 5d, 100y and 100y respectively.

I have not altered the settings for the scheduling myself. The only thing I have done is to change to the V3 scheduler after recommendation from anki support as I had some other problems with my cards.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can change the scheduling layout so that the cards are reasonable scheduled. I doubt that I will be interested and here to study my med school cards in 100 years:)

Could you please provide a screenshot of your settings?

bro :skull:

click deck options while pressing shift

this window will appear

click on “Restore Defaults”

Here are the settings

I’d recommend you reset it using the ‘change due date’ action in the browse screen. If you find it happens again, please point me to the card/deck in question so I can look it up.

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