First reviews with very long intervals for 'good'


I have a lot of reviews that I haven’t done for 2 months. Some of them are cards that I haven’t reviewed once, so when I review them for the first time, the interval for good is very long (e.g. 1 month) compared to a new card that I learn today and review tomorrow (the interval for this card will be e.g. “2 days” tomorrow when I review it for the first time). Can I somehow adjust the interval for these very old reviews so that they don’t have such a long interval?

Thanks in advance!

Regardless of which interval repetition algorithm you use, this behavior is the norm. Have you not seen the card for 2 months but were able to remember it? You have a good memory or a light card. In any case, the card deserves such an interval.

If you don’t remember these cards, but the only correct answer is again.


Thanks for your reply.
No, I couldn’t remember it. I had to click “again.” The problem is that I’m reviewing these cards for the first time after 2 months. I’d like to see these cards a few times before the exam to make sure I don’t forget anything after such a long interval. Is there any way to adjust the interval?

if you can’t remember then the again button is the right option. Also in this case, you should not get a long interval. You cannot disable this behavior.


ok thanks

If you have FSRS enabled in the deck options, at the risk of higher workload, you can try increasing your desired retention and then reschedule cards on change.

I have a related question and don’t intend to hijack the one above, but new here and don’t see a way to post yet, and it seems relevant…

Wondering if a good interval of 4 years and 11 years for easy is abnormal ? Too extreme for me. I’d prefer good to stay at 2 years or less and easy at 4 years or less.

It sounds like what you’re seeing is rooted in the same space – cards that are overdue are given longer intervals when you get them correct – so it’s not that bad a hijack! The basics of why it is happening are explained in the FAQ – Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions (that’s specific to the default algorithm, but FSRS follows a similar logic).

Are those intervals abnormal? No. But that doesn’t matter much if they are longer than you are comfortable with!

You can’t set a maximum interval on a per-button basis – but regardless of which algorithm you’re using, you can set a max interval overall in your Deck Options > Advanced – Deck Options - Anki Manual. The default max of 100 years (36,500 days) is too extreme for plenty of users – especially if their studying is headed toward an end goal. It sounds like something under 5 years would be a better fit for you.

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