Excessive amount of due cards

What are your options when your due cards are absolutely out of control?!

If you’re using scheduler 3, you can just set the reviews/ day to a reasonable setting (say, 200 reviews / day if you have two hours a day to study with Anki) and eventually you’ll catch up.

If you’re using scheduler 2 or 1, you can do the same, but you will also need to set your new cards / day limit to 0.

  1. While I study, I start deleting cards that are too easy

  2. I use an addon like “Speed Focus Mode” to help me focus: Speed Focus Mode (auto-alert, auto-reveal, auto-answer) - AnkiWeb

  3. I use a software called “Cold Turkey Micromanager” to block me from leaving the Anki screen for X hours.

  4. I control Anki with a gamepad to greatly enhance confort and keep me studying longer

  5. I chew some candy and put my favorite music on, so time passes faster

That’s my modus operandi for too many cards due. The problem is, it works so well, that after 2 hours I’ll be too tired to keep on studying, because my focus was really on point.

Some people will do such amazingly deep research about what scheduler works best so they can implement it and have reviews further spaced…
But if you actually learned the cards, you won’t mind 500 cards due, because you’ll answer them all quickly.

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If you are using FSRS algorithm for Anki, you can postpone the backlog with FSRS4Anki Helper - AnkiWeb.

But would the new cards still come up in the due cards?

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