Due cards and cards to be reviewed DOES NOT MATCH

My due card says 306 BUT under “medtech boards” deck I only have 200 due and 59 new cards. (total of 259). So it doesn’t match.

My new cards setting is : 400/day
Reviews setting is : 200/day

I want to only have 200 review cards/day but 400 new cards/day.

Please help me out! Thank you :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 7.28.14 AM
Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 7.28.08 AM

You have 306 card to review today, but since you have setted max review/day to 200, anki will show only 200

Btw, 200 reviews / day and 400 new cards a day doesn’t make much sense. New cards a day value should be approximately 10% of the reviews / day value.

I see! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The 400 new cards/day is just a maximum. I add about 100 cards a day.

The settings I have is so I can re-review 200 old cards and ALL the new cards :slight_smile:

By adding 100 new cards a day, you will soon have around 1000 cards / day to review, which is really too much.

BUT, if you set the review limit to 200, you won’t review old cards for a long time, which means that you will probably forget most of them.

Please, take a look on this:

Studying new cards will temporarily increase the number of reviews you need to do a day, as freshly learnt material needs to be repeated a number of times before the delay between repetitions can increase appreciably. If you are consistently learning 20 new cards a day, you can expect your daily reviews to be roughly about 200 cards/day. You can decrease the reviews required by introducing fewer new cards each day, or by turning off new card display until your review burden decreases. More than one Anki user has excitedly studied hundreds of new cards over their first few days of using the program, and then become overwhelmed by the reviews required.



Oh gosh! This helped me alot…

Im new to Anki and have been adding 100 new cards a day. Will adjust/lower addition of my new cards!