Example sentence with a word referenced from a different field

I’m trying to create a deck for practicing kanji by using example sentences.

I want to have a sentence with one word underlined and written in hiragana and the rest with normal kanji use. I use the Japanese Support Add-on to have the furigana support.

I would like to use it both for reading the word from Kanji and writing the kanij from reading, so I was hoping to be able to reference the word field from within the sentence field or something.

card 1: reading
front 私は学生です。back 私はがくせいです。

card 2: writing
front 私はがくせいです。 back 学生

Is it possible to do something like

field 1: 私[わたし]は {{field 2}} です。
field 2: 学生[がくせい]

or do I need to make three fields? “First part of sentence”, “word” and “second part of sentence”

Is there an elegant way to reference a different field from a field?

Fields can’t reference each other, so you’d need to create extra fields, or duplicate the text.


Thank you for clearing that up! :slight_smile: