Displaying several Furiganas on top of one another

Under “Cards”-“Front/Back Template” I normally use {{furigana:someField}} to display furigana on top of the Kanji(s).

Consider the following scenario: Say I have a note type with the field “sentence”, I add another field “reading”. I then use an add-on which gives me the possibility to have several furiganas. For 私[わたし, わたくし, し] this results in:

Question: is it possible to have the several furiganas one on top the other vertically, and not on one line?

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I don’t think you can do that unless you use the trick of having a really small text very close to the top of Kanji. disclaimer: I’m a bio student so can be wrong.

I just tried having multiple furigana now using <ruby>
This is what I get lol.

Anyways, I personally just use a notes field which appears just below the term. By the way, why don’t you use 、in stead of , ? Japanese doesn’t really have , well at least my pixiv dictionary doesn’t have an entry for it.

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