How to add furigana on the card template?

I know I can add furigana to a field name MyField and use it on my card template as {{furigana:MyField}}. But how can I directly add furigana to the template? For example: {{furigana:言[げん], i.e., instead of having SomeField with furigana, I would directly use furigana on the template. I am doing so because my templates are full in Japanese, and it would be nice to show furigana for the template words when showing the answer.

You can use html ruby syntax: <ruby>: The Ruby Annotation element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN


Thanks. I added these to my templates: <ruby><rb>言</rb><rt>げん</rt></ruby> and it worked for now. It even works here on discourse: げん

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