Show field of other notes on match

Hey all!
So what I’ve been wondering is:
If I have a card which contains a word in the Expression field, for example Eat.
Is it possible to show all cards which contain this word in their field and parse them into another field in the card where Eat is?
For example:
FieldCard1–>Expression: Eat
FieldCard2–>Expression: I like to eat apples
FieldCard3–>Expression: He doesn’t eat apples

FieldCard1–>Sentences: I like to eat apples | He doesn’t eat apples

This is especially useful if you want many example sentences for a word and don’t want to use migaku or search for sentences manually. (Importing tatoeba sentences is what I do personally).

If anyone’s got an idea how and if this is possible I’d greatly appreciate your help! Thanks

Anyone? :frowning:

I don’t think this is possible without writing an add-on.