Show text from one field in another?

Is there a way to show the text from one field in another? For example, I want to show what is in the “Extra”-field in the “Back”-field.

The Anki manual says I can just write {{Extra}}, but this doesn’t work (ref. “Basic Replacements”).

If you write {{Extra}} in the template (press “Cards…” > “Back template”) then it should work.

Sadly, the problem is more complex. I want a specific field to appear within another field, such that when I call upon that field in the template, it also recognizes the text in the first.

The “furigana:FIELDNAME” function takes whatever is written in [brackets] after a text in the given field (kanjis), and places it above it in a specific manner.

What you’re trying to do can be achieved if you replace the contents of the fields. This addon is used for copying fields. You can also install this addon to generate kanji readings automatically.


Thanks, the Advanced Copy Fields addon worked! I used a custom copy style which took content from japanese_kana in between two brackets in the kanjis field.

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