Error with flashcards, even after update, no answers show up


I have created a new deck (I use version 2.1.56; just updated it) with 47 cards.
Everytime I try to learn, the card comes up with a “yes or no” button and the answer on the backside is just “yes or no” and correct answers x%.
I put up screenshots from a presentation as answers which used to work fine.
How can I fix this? My exam is next saturday and I have to create at least 100 cards, I think. Also, the same error appears when I use my Android Anki.
Thank you in advance for your help and your patience.

Could you please show some screenshots, especially card templates?

(BTW: With your exam in just six days it might be more efficient to learn without Anki content that still has to be created.)

Anki has no built-in behaviour to do that - it sounds like either an add-on or a shared deck using Javascript. Shared decks with broken Javascript - Frequently Asked Questions

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