Wrong answers being showed to questions

Hello! I’ve just started studying with anki and made my first deck today. However, when I tried to learn the flashcards, they sometimes showed a random wrong answer to my question. Is that anything that can happen or is there something wrong with my anki. I have both cloze flashcards and basic flashcards in the same deck, could that be a problem?

That’s not normal, and I doubt having cloze flashcards and basic ones in the same deck has caused the issue. It is hard to figure out the problem since you haven’t provided much information. A video, GIF, or more specific details on the circumstances would be helpful.

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

If the problems continue after that, and editing a card reveals the correct answer, it’s likely a bug in the graphics toolkit, and changing the video driver may help: Known Issues - Changes