Error when selecting tags in the browse tab

today i began receiving an error message whenever I tried to click on any tag on the browse page to see all the cards with the particular tag. the error message was:

DbError { info: “SqliteFailure(Error { code: Unknown, extended_code: 1 }, Some("invalid utf-8 sequence of 1 bytes from index 640"))”, kind: Other }

i also ran the check database tool and tried to update my AnKing deck and the following error message appeared with both:

DbError { info: “”, kind: Utf8 }

does anyone have any idea how to fix these issues? i’m hoping it’s one issue causing both error messages but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I have already tried the forced one-way sync and continue to get the same messages.

@dcamb006 you can use the following in the debug console to fix it:

delete from notes where id = 1556275023917`

@andrewsanchez I presume this was local disk corruption rather than something on AnkiHub?

>>> pp(mw.col.db.all("select * from notes where id = 1556275023917"))
  ' !AK_UpdateTags::^temporary::ImageFix::20::done '
  '!AK_UpdateTags::AnKing_Image::Rebecca '
  '!AK_UpdateTags::Step2decks::Cheesy-Dorian-(M3)::Internal-Medicine::5-UWorld::7 '
  '#AK_Original_Decks::Step_2::Cheesy_Dorian_(M3) '
  '#AK_Step1_v12::#B&B::04_Biostatists/epi::02_Epidemiology::01_Study_Designs '
  '#AK_Step1_v12::#Bootcamp::Biostatistics::01_Research_Study_Designs::05_Experimental_Studies '
  '#AK_Step1_v12::^Systems::Biostats '
  '#AK_Step2_v12::!Shelf::#Cards_AnKing_Skipped '
  '#AK_Step2_v12::!Shelf::IM::no_dupes '
  '#AK_Step2_v12::!Shelf::IM::no_dupes::only_step2 #AK_Step2_v12::#OME_banner '
  '#AK_Step2_v12::#Resources_by_rotation::biostats::dorian::uw '
  '�\x0e�ky:{����z�G�;\x1aS��xtra AnkiHub_ImageReady::Text ',
  '<div><div>What kind of RCT variant/study design is '
  'this?</div><br><div>{{c1::Parallel design}}</div></div><br><div><img '

Thank you so much for the help! This fixed it.

I replied to the user with a similar fix in the AnkiHub forums: Browse button error - 🐛 Bug - AnkiHub Community

Sentry only shows reports from this user, so I assume it’s something in their system.

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