Error code DBError { info: "SqliteFailure(Error { code: SystemIOFailure, extended_code: 1034 }, Some(\"disk I/O error\"))", kind: Other }

Hi, please help! I’m having an issue with my anki deck where I’ll be halfway through any of my decks and then get thrown up the following error;


If I do Tools > Check Database I get the following error code;

DBError { info: “SqliteFailure(Error { code: SystemIOFailure, extended_code: 1034 }, Some(“disk I/O error”))”, kind: Other }

This stops me synching so I lose all my progress and have to start again. It’s only affecting me on one laptop, but not a different laptop. I’ve tried uninstalling Anki and reinstalling it on my affected laptop, but one day later the same thing happened.

Please help, my exam is in a month and I can’t lose all my progress!

By including that image i guess you have already ruled out all of those possible causes as not being applicable for you?
Sounds awfully like a full hard drive to me, are you sure that’s not the case?
You have tried Tools>Check Database as the pop-up reccomends?


Thank you for your reply! I’m not great with technology, so I’m not sure how to investigate those causes. I don’t think my disk is full:


Upon doing Tools > Check Database I get the error message from the title.

Hmmmm… How recent is the error? If it’s not that recent you might still have a rather new backup with a working database.

Under File>Switch Profile>Open Backup... you can look at older versions of your database.

If the error is older you would lose quite a bit of progress so I would only reccomend this method under certain, limited, circumstances.
Otherwise someone with more expertise might need to help you here.

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This error happened for the first time yesterday, so it’s very recent - but it’s making Anki completely unusable whilst happening.

Then I would reccomend trying to load a backup as described above. This might fix all the Database issues. You’ll lose your progress from yesterday.


Thank you, I’ll try that!