Error message when using "check database" tool

today i began receiving an error message whenever I tried to click on a certain tag on the browse page to see all the cards with the particular tag. the error message was:

DbError { info: “SqliteFailure(Error { code: Unknown, extended_code: 1 }, Some(“invalid utf-8 sequence of 1 bytes from index 36”))”, kind: Other }

i also ran the check database tool and tried to update my AnKing deck and the following error message appeared with both:

DbError { info: “”, kind: Utf8 }

does anyone have any idea how to fix these issues? i’m hoping it’s one issue causing both error messages but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Your AnkiWeb collection seems to be fine, so you could force a one-way sync in the preferences and then download to likely fix it. It’s possible this was caused by an OS bug or hardware issue - if you find it happens again please let us know.

Hello this problem is happening for me, i forced a one way sync and an error is still popping up when i click a certain tag in browse. PLease help me.

Did you choose “Download” on the one-way sync? A DB check of your AnkiWeb collection does not reveal any problems for me. Which tag are you having trouble with?