Error syncing on Mac app

I have been trying to do a full sync of my decks from my Mac and upload them so I can access them on my other devices. However, I keep getting the error:

A network error occurred.

Error details: ⁨error sending request for url (): error writing a body to connection: connection closed via error⁩

I have turned off firewall, antivirus, don’t have any proxies or VPN. I’ve also tried it on different networks and I still continue to get the same error. This has been going on for a few days. How can I fix this?

If it happens on different networks with different internet providers, that seems to indicate the issue is some sort of filtering still happening on your computer, such as third-party antivirus/firewall software. You can try manually transferring your collection to your other devices (ie Collection Transfer - AnkiMobile Manual) and then uploading from your mobile - if that works, it was probably your computer environment.