Mac app not syncing with Ankiweb

Hello Anki staff and community,

I absolutely love Anki. I used it over a year ago to learn and master Urdu. Now I am getting started on Arabic and need to start from scratch so getting back to Anki to create the very useful flashcards and get to learning!

Unfortunately, the Mac app is not syncing with Ankiweb. When I try to log in from the app I get the following error message:

A network error occurred.

Error details: ⁨error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Invalid argument (os error 22)⁩

I tried installing different versions of the app and it has not worked. I also checked and I have no add-ons to enable/disable. I have the latest Catalina iOS, version 10.15.6. I prefer to use the desktop version for managing my decks and creating new cards.

I have also purchased the iPhone app, which is super useful.

I would appreciate your assistance so I can get started on my Arabic language journey.


Please check that you don’t have an antivirus, firewall or similar program like “Little Snitch” blocking Anki, and if problems persist, please try syncing on a different wifi or your phone’s 4G network.

Hi Dae,

I don’t have an anti-virus or anything blocking Anki and have also tried it over my cell phone and on different wifi connections without success.


If it’s failing on multiple networks that implies the issue is something running on your machine - maybe a VPN or proxy you have set up? Not being able to reproduce the problem here, I’m afraid all I can suggest is you explore the things running on your machine to try to isolate the culprit.

I just had the same problem. I had Astrill VPN on my macbook and apparently it somehow blocks Anki even if you toggle it off or log out. Astrill has to be completely shut down!