Error saving answers message

I’ve recently made a 2000 card anki deck, and as I was studying the cards, an “error saving latest answers” message keeps appearing. I’ve tried restarting my device and logging out of my account, but the message keeps appearing.

This is what the message looks like and it only happens with one of my decks. Is this due to an update or bug with Anki? I’ve looked through previous posts and this occurred to only one other person because of an Anki bug. Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this or why the error is happening. Thanks!

How did you add the images into your cards? They are inlined into the card content, which is very slow, and causing issues. You can use the following add-on to fix them, then Tools>Check Database to shrink your collection down.

I’ve tried the add-on, however, it is causing all the images to be converted into a small image icon without actually showing the image. Is there any way to fix this? Also, it only allows me to localize aroun 600 of my cards, and then aborts the process. If I try to localize any more cards, it just keeps processing and in another tab it shows an unexpected response code: 502

Many of your images appear to be links to your gmail, which is not going to work when you’re not logged in to your browser (if at all). They appear to be broken even before running the add-on, so I’m afraid they may be a lost cause, and may need to be attached again. I presume you tried to attach them via AnkiWeb? Media needs to be added via the desktop or one of the mobile clients, as media can not be attached properly through AnkiWeb.

If you search for ‘base64’, it should limit the cards to ones with embedded images on them. If you have trouble converting all those, “base64 -http” should reveal the ones that have embedded images but no remote links. Once the embedded images are converted, it should fix the original issue you were encountering.

Ok, thank you for your help! After localizing the media of 600 cards, I am able to study the deck with most images working.