Error messages after trying to update to v. 2.1.34

I downloaded the latest version of anki (v. 2.1.34) (I already have an anki with self made flash cards) and I clicked on the .exe file to install. When i did, Picture 1 showed up. I freaked. I tried to open the anki app on my desktop (Windows 10) , but Picture 2 showed up.

I deleted both the .exe files and app on my computer to download the new version again, but these two pictures still show up.
When I type “anki” into the search bar, I can see the app, but nothing of the sort in the control panel.

Today, I restored 1.22 and 1.30 files from the recycling bin, to no avail. I wasn’t able to find python38.dll in the folder either.

I apologize for my stupidity. Help would be appreciated.

This may be relevant:

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I’ll try manually deleting C:\Program Files\Anki and reinstalling it.

Thank you @abdo! It worked.