Error message when trying to import zipped file

Hi all. I’m not sure how to fix this problem when importing a zipped file. The error message says:
Import failed. Debugging info:
“There is no item named ‘collection.anki2’ in the archive”

How do I fix this? Thank you

If you unzip the file and look at the contents, what do you find inside?

Inside the zipped file are the individual jpeg images of my lecture. I tried to unzip it when importing the file but I just get the same error message

Is there anything except images in the file? Anki can’t import a zip file with just images in it.

Oh I did not know that. So if I want to turn my lecture powerpoint into anki what should I do? Thank you!

PS I am using windows not a macbook

You’ll need to copy and paste the text or screenshots of the slides into Anki.

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