Error message flashes and then disappears

I am running Anki on my Windows 10 pc that I use at work, i.e. on company network. When I start Anki it flashes an error message that disappears. I can see that my Anki is not sync’ed. So I click sync and again a message (perhaps same one) pops up and disappears.

Is there a log file I could perhaps look at to see what this error is?

If you run Anki from a command prompt with –
[or whatever the path is to your Anki program folder] – you’ll get a logging window that might show you what that error is.

Thank you. Doing that I was able to see this message
“error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (os error 10054)”
i can see other posts regarding this message and my guess it is because I am trying to run it inside corporate n/w.
I will take laptop home and try again (my cell phone plan doesn’t have hotspot)

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OK- I can confirm it’s an issue with trying to run Anki inside my company n/w. Nothing can be done about it- they are not going to issue exceptions for me LOL

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