Error details: error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: tp connect error: Connection refused (os error 61)

I keep getting this notification when trying to sync. I tried with 3 differrent wifis and my phone hotspot…

What can I do? I appreciate any help I can get…

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Hi, synchronization does not work any more. I have tried it from different devices and networks but it always says that there is a time out or network failure. What can I do? Please help me! I really need to work with my Anki decks as I have very important exams soon but I am unable to do so with out synchronization!

There have been at least 4 posts and 8 users with this issue all within the last hour so I believe the issue is on Anki’s side, network wise.

maybe something about servers? Ive had the same issue for the last hour

One of AnkiWeb’s servers developed a fault and needed to be restarted. Things should be back online now.

^^ Following. Having the same issue on my macbook using desktop anki.

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