Error 500: SwiftProtobuf.BinaryDecodingError Error 1

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently encountered an issue with the Anki app following its update, as well as the latest iOS update.

Every time I attempt to open a card in the Anki app, I am faced with the following error message:

Error:500: (SwiftProtobuf. BinaryDecodingError Error 1)

I’m currently running iOS version 16.5.1 and using Anki version 2.0.93 (20093.9). The problem started occurring immediately after I installed these updates.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem or if there are any known solutions or troubleshooting steps. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, as I rely heavily on Anki for my daily studies.

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This looks like it’s an issue with the custom scheduling feature - I presume you’re using FSRS? I’ll get a fix sent to Apple in the next day or two; in the mean time if you temporarily remove it from your study options, it should make the error go away.

Thank you for your prompt response.
You’re correct in your presumption, I am indeed using the FSRS feature. I’ll follow your advice and temporarily remove it from my study options.
I look forward to the forthcoming fix and really appreciate your help with this issue.

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Just to tack on to the above: The error has persisted even after deleting the FSRS feature. Hope that this can assist in the update.

An update to my update: Simply deleting the FSRS feature will not remedy the problem, but deleting the code from the ‘custom scheduling’ section in deck options will. Apologies for any confusion; hope this helps.

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An update has been sent to Apple, and should hopefully be available within 24 hours.


Update was released

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