iOS mobile app syncing problems since update

Hi all, my phone’s Anki app seemed to have updated itself a couple of days ago (interface looks slightly different etc.). Since then I have been repeatedly getting syncing errors. I haven’t had any issues with Anki on my laptop (Windows 10), but on my phone I sometimes get a message that says something like this:

A network error occurred.

Error details: error decoding response body: invalid type: floating point 5.2, expected i32 at line 1 column 5577

The sync will then fail and I have to go into the settings and force a one-way sync. This is a short-lived fix as the problem seems to happen again the next time I study some cards on my computer and want to sync my progress to my phone.

Is anyone else getting this problem? Is there any way to fix this aside from the temporary one-way sync solution that I’ve found?

There’s a new AnkiMobile update out - please grab it from the app store and try again. I’d also recommend using Check Database in the preferences screen, then syncing your changes to your other devices. If the issue crops up again in the future, updating your computer version will likely fix it.

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