Problem syncing

I updated Anki to V 2.1.35 (84dcaa86) around 3 weeks ago, and only now have a network error with the advice to force a full sync in the preferences screen. I couldn’t see how to do this, but as I wasn’t too worried about losing any changes on my mobile phone, I followed the subsequent advice “Check Database”, which worked OK (Database rebuilt and optimized), but the error remained:

“error decoding response body: invalid type: floating point ‘2903.9’, expected i32 at line 1 column 4464”

I would very much appreciate any guidance on what to do next.

Thanks in advance

Just to advise that I returned to tools/preferences/network, and selected “on next sync, force changes in one direction” which fixed the problem.

If you selected “download” when doing that full sync, I’d recommend you use Tools>Check Database again to make sure the bad data is not still lurking in your collection.

Thanks a lot for that Damien. For info I uploaded but still checked the database.