Ergonomic base improvement

I have a request for a new feature to enhance the ergonomic use of the Anki evaluation system. I primarily use Anki on a mobile device with one hand, and accessing the furthest evaluation tiles is not possible with just my thumb. Could you consider improving or adding a feature that provides a more ergonomic arrangement of the evaluation tiles? I have attached screenshots to illustrate how it could be more user-friendly.

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You can easily set individual taps to mimic the answer keys: Preferences → Review → Taps → Section When answer shown. It speeds up reviewing and you will never touch those buttons again :slight_smile: (these individual taps don’t obscure longer card content)


Thanks a lot. I didn’t even realize there was something like preferences in the main menu. I thought it was the same settings as when browsing tabs. This will indeed solve my problem. Big thanks, as they say: you saved my thumb XD