Enter email address in Anki Desktop account in order to sync to AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid

I’m a new user and am trying to sync the decks on Anki desktop to my AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid accounts. When I go to Anki desktop > Tools > Preferences > Syncing the space under AnkiWeb account is blank. How can I add the email address I’m using for AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid into my Preferences so they will sync? Currently they don’t appear linked as I see 0 decks on AnkiWeb or AnkiDroid.

Please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkiM4DPzSVc&list=PLGgmaKOIHykFoomqkBJAyGiDQ2kyiuTao&yt:cc=on

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