Encoding mismatch between anki and notes app on mac?

This is sort of a weird question that I’m not quite sure how to troubleshoot, happy to provide any desired information.

This applies to chinese and japanese characters that I cope in anki. If I paste it directly into notes.app, it comes out as gibberish. If I pased it into textedit, it’s fine, then I can paste it from textedit into notes.app. I’m not quite sure where or why this encoding mismatch is coming up…

I believe it’s a bug in the toolkit Anki’s built on, and will hopefully be addressed in a future update.

oh I see! which toolkit would this be? I’m more than happy to go report this to them (and or see what they have to say about this) Is this in QT, or a lower level kit?

It’s likely [QTBUG-89758] When copying text to iMessage on MacOS, it pastes as chinese - Qt Bug Tracker

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I really, really appreciate you dicking up the bug. Thank you! And thanks for anki

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