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Copy/paste english text results in chinese characters

In the 36 betas and official release, I have found if I copy in Anki and paste in programs outside of anki, it results in Chinese characters. This occurs in some, but not all applications. For example:

If I copy

Which subtypes of HPV are covered by the current quadrivalent vaccine?

{{c1::HPV6, 11, 16, 18}}

It will paste:

圀栀椀挀栀 猀甀戀琀礀瀀攀猀 漀昀 䠀倀嘀 愀爀攀 挀漀瘀攀爀攀搀 戀礀 琀栀攀 挀甀爀爀攀渀琀 焀甀愀搀爀椀瘀愀氀攀渀琀 瘀愀挀挀椀渀攀㼀਀਀笀笀挀㄀㨀㨀䠀倀嘀㘀Ⰰ ㄀㄀Ⰰ ㄀㘀Ⰰ ㄀㠀紀紀

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This does not appear to be specific to 2.1.36. Could you please confirm which other apps are affected, so I can update

Hi guys,

Anki 2.36
Recently when I have been copying text from an Anki card (English text) and then pasting it to Apple iMessage on my laptop (for example sending a question to a classmate) it converts the text into Chinese characters. The cards are all in english.


Copying “What is the most common cause of secondary haemochromatosis?”

Becomes: 圀栀愀琀 椀猀 琀栀攀 洀漀猀琀 挀漀洀洀漀渀 挀愀甀猀攀 漀昀 猀攀挀漀渀搀愀爀礀 栀愀攀洀漀挀栀爀漀洀愀琀漀猀椀猀㼀

Any fix for this? Any help is greatly appreciated.