En to De or on the contrary?

Guys, I need help with German flashcards
I have been trying to learn German words lately And I started using Anki for jotting words down But, I’m a bit confused about which way is more beneficial. :
(Setting the translation (English) as the front card and the German word as the answer or ON THE CONTRARY?) and why?
Plzz reply

If you just want to read e.g. German texts I would use German → English, but if there is any text production involved I would create German ↔ English reverse cards. It is more difficult to recall a foreign word than just recognising it.


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If you want to become fluent in any language, I would recommend to study flashcards on your own language (front) to your target language (back), which is what you’ll need to do in real life as a non native German speaker in the future.

The other way is easier, of course, but I’d only recommend (maybe) for very beginners; recognizing words and sentences is just the first step in language acquisition, in order to produce those words and sentences you have to be able to recognize them first, so studying flashcards in both ways is completely redundant, IMO.

Also, avoid studying single words, study sentences instead. If you’re starting with German, just use simple sentences, for example, instead of

Car > Auto

I have a car > Ich habe ein Auto

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Cheers bro
I appreciate your help

I cannot thank you enough
This is exactly what I was looking for
Even though I don’t know how to use Anki properly.
But does it also work on phones so i can study wherever i want?


I have another question if you don’t mind
Could you tell me how to use or study my flash cards without studying limit
For example
I want to study my deck whenever i want, and so I click and study even if i studied them before or on the same day (many times)

I hope you understood that well

This will also work on your phone, if you sync it with Anki for desktop.

Reading the manual is recommended, it will give you an idea how capable Anki is: Background - Anki Manual

If you want to study outside your schedule, you can create a custom study: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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I also use Anki to help me learn languages. I use cards with whole example sentences. The note has 3 fields:

  • Sentence (in language I am learning)
  • Translation (in my native language)
  • Audio (generated by TTS)

And I am using 3 card types:

  • Audio → Sentence + Translation
  • Sentence → Translation + Audio
  • Translation → Sentence + Audio

In my language study, I concentrate on listening and speaking. I do not practice writing at all.

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