Anki invert cards and study random

Hello, I achieved to invert the cards, so now I have both: front->back and back->front cards.

This duplicates the number of cards I have to study, and I don´t want that. Instead, I wonder if there is a way that both cards (front->back & back->front) behave as 1 card and they alternate randomly.

I am studying Japanese and I want anki to choose in what languaje it shows the question without duplicating the number of cards.

I hope I have explained well enough so you can understand what I am trying to do and I would appreciate any idea that you suggest on how to achieve it.

Anki doesn’t have a way to do what you want. There is no function that makes a random choice of what content to display in a card.

And for good reason: one direction is often harder than the other (eg native>foreign language), so they should be scheduled separately.

yes, that is the way I study. But I am already adding 30+ cards everyday, if I double them, the amount of cards to review everyday would be more than 300

One thing to consider – in language learning, studying one direction usually reinforces the other direction as well. So by including both recognition and production cards, you can lengthen the intervals for both of them faster. And if you’re worried about your review load, you can cut back on the number of cards you’re adding per day.

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