Editing my shared deck

I have created and shared a deck, it has over 1000 downloads.
Later I’ve noticed certain errors within the deck’s content.
How can I edit the deck? If I make updates to the deck within my account, will these changes automatically reflect in the previously downloaded copies? Will the alterations only apply to newly downloaded instances, or is it necessary for me to delete the existing deck and subsequently re-share it to ensure that everyone receives the updated version?

I tried to re-share the deck as described in the manual, but it is impossible to share the default deck.
I have created a new one and moved all cards to it, and tried to give it the same name as an old shared one. But Anki adds a “+” plus sign after the name and when I try to share it, it is shared as a new one, rather than update an existing instance.
Please help me with updating the shared deck.

I have managed to duplicate the deck, made it non-default, and gave it the same name as my old shared dec. I re-shared the deck, but the new one has been created, rather then update an old one.

Finally I did it!

First, you need to discover the correct initial name of your shared deck. For that find it among shared decks on AnkiWeb, download it and import to Anki desktop, to a new account as described here docs. ankiweb. net/contrib.html#sharing-decks-privately

Then, on your main account, create a new deck with the correct name and copy all cards to it.

On AnkiWeb share that new deck.
If everything is correct, the sharing form will open filled with description of your previously shared deck.