Edit Current dialog sometimes breaks, unable to close it

In anki 2.0.33, the “edit current” dialog sometimes opens but doesn’t fully load (see screenshot) and I can’t interact with it or close it. I basically have to force-kill anki in order to get it to close. Even File -> Exit doesn’t quit the application.
I’ve never had this problem previously in 2.0.28, and no addons have changed in the meanwhile.

I noticed this only happens after I leave a review open for a long time, then when I come back to it, I press E to open up the edit dialog. But I can’t easily reproduce it, it’s just that it’s happened once every day for the last few days.

I’d like to try to narrow down the issue to see if a plugin is at fault, but because it’s hard to repro, this would take a long time (and I use most of the plugins during my normal review).
Instead, is there any command I can execute which would tell me the state of the edit dialog, and perhaps give a clue as to what error it encountered?

The buttons have appeared which indicates the webview has loaded. Maybe you could find an error in the console with Chrome: https://addon-docs.ankiweb.net/#/porting2.0?id=webview-changes

Thanks @dae! I’ll leave that running in the background and try to snoop around the next time it happens.

This has been quiet for a while, but just wanted to mention that since I activated webview debugging, the problem disappeared… so, I guess it’s fine to close this now.