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Anki crashing after editing a card


So basically during a review session I would sometimes edit cards and after about 10 edits (these 10 edits might be distributed over 30 minutes or so) anki crashes.

I can reproduce it by pressing E to open the editor and exiting the editor with Ctrl+Enter.

It takes about 1-50 attempts of opening and closing the editor to crash anki, however most of the times opening the editor <10 times is enough.
It “apparently” happens faster if I close the editor quickly after opening it. So if I accidently press “E” and press Ctrl+Enter before the editor fully loaded.
But it also happens after the editor fully loaded.

It also happens when I disable all addons by starting Anki while pressing the Shift-Key.
I am currently using Anki 2.1.22 on Windows 10.

I posted this on the Anki subreddit before and tried the following:
Reinstalling 2.1.22.
Installing newer versions up to the 2.1.28beta.
Disabling hardware acceleration.

I would really appreciate any help or ideas, because it’s really annoying if Anki just crashes after editing 1 card and the last 100 reviews are gone…

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Tried the angle driver?

I tried it now and so far it appears to have solved the problem.
Thank you!

Okay, unfortunately Anki still crashes sometimes when I close the editor.
Do you have another suggestion what I could try?

I’m guessing it’s something specific to your computer configuration - perhaps some third party software you have running like an input method, dictionary helper, clipboard monitor, etc, or something specific to your hardware or Windows installation. Apart from experimenting, I’m afraid I don’t have any other suggestions for you :frowning:

I’ve been having the same problem, but I’ve found a temporary workaround (issue being, the “resume now” button almost always crashes irrespective of the what led to it)

Workaround being, clicking on “B” during reviews does not immediately give the review screen, the “resume now” button,
hence, press “B”, exit to the decks page by pressing “D” then editing in browser, then exiting it

There seems to be no issues on edits outside of reviews

Anki version : 2.1.43/44 both

The 2.1.45 betas removed the ‘resume now’ screen. Are you able to reproduce the crashes in them?

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No crashes

Tried it, 2.1.45 doesn’t seem to have that issue as far as i’ve checked

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The crashes seem to reappear in the “release candidate” but luckily, due to anki now saving each step without the “resume now screen”, there is no data loss(by that I mean, no review or edit data is lost)

I’ve been able to reproduce this on every edit of a card when reviewing, though unlike last time(2.1.43/44), editing in the browser does not crash anki, but the crashes after edits persist(last version that does not crash after edits for me is 2.1.42)

I presume you’ve tried the different video drivers mentioned above already? It unfortunately sounds like a bug in the toolkit, and is likely timing dependent. If you can make a short video demonstrating the exact steps you’re taking I can try to reproduce it, but if it does not happen on a system here, I’m unfortunately not likely to be able to work around it for you.

Yes, I’ve tried different drivers, both of them tend to crash

However, I’ve noticed that this problem does not exist for linux, but my windows PC alone

I will make a short video of it soon


The long pause at the end is me opening the editor, I couldn’t figure out how to record the whole screen, sorry about that, if you need that too, I shall figure out how

The point of the video is to see the steps you’re taking, which I can’t do if they’re happening off screen :slight_smile: Please also make sure you test when all add-ons are disabled.

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On checking without add-ons, it seems to work fine :sweat_smile:,
real sorry for bothering you all this while

It’s prolly an addon meant for enhancing card additions/edits

Thanks a lot for the replies, hope I didn’t take too much of your time.